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Council votes to end litigation


The chambers were packed full at the April 25 regular council meeting of the Municipality of Swan Valley West (MSVW), when nearly 50 extra bodies came to sit or stand in the viewing gallery, all to support or oppose an important vote that had left the council table and the ratepayers split.

On the agenda were motions to rescind past resolutions, as well as pass a new resolution, all designed to terminate a lawsuit between the municipality and local radio station CJ104 and its owner and general manager, Bill Gade.

Prior to the vote, a delegation was heard from ratepayers John Borley and Ron Medwid, who pleaded with council to stick with the lawsuit, even challenging Councillor Brian Burick directly as to why he brought these motions to the table.

“I read in this one resolution (that you are reconsidering) that you (pursuing this lawsuit) is to protect your employees,” said Borley. “Isn’t that what we want? Isn’t that your oath?”

Burick was asked –both during the delegation, and during the table discussion preceding the vote – why he wished to end the lawsuit. He cited that the main reason was because he felt that it was costing the municipality too much money, and opined that there was no end in sight.

Jeremy Bergen