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SVRSS Tigers challenge Plainsmen


Last Thursday (April 27), the SVRSS Tigers Rugby Boys and Girls teams faced off against the Crocus Plainsmen in some tough battles.


Finding the right balance of aggression and teamwork, the Girls team pulled off a 24-20 victory.

“The girls were very good at the rucks and were quite aggressive, so they got the ball out,” said Coach George van der Walt. “They were also good at the scrums.

“We definitely need to work on ball handling. There were still quite a few flying through the air and they didn’t know where they were going. We also need to work on tackling.”

With only one minor injury, the team looked prepared to move forward with their full roster of 13 players.

“It’s difficult playing with less players and not being able to sub anyone in,” said van der Walt.

“They really pulled it together as a team and, for a rookie team, they’re doing very well.”

Two tries were scored by Alana Bushenlonga, one by Jenna McKay and one by Leah Graham. Two converts by McKay rounded out the score.


Following the girls game, the Boys team took on the Plainsmen, falling 29-7.

“The first half went very well, as we dominated before the break,” said van der Walt. “We scored the first try and I think Crocus was very stressed about that.

“We also had two very close tries that didn’t count, but if they had, the outcome would have been very different.”

Van der Walt noted that the boys game is much rougher than the girls, which results in wins during the rucks and scrums, but also added a few injuries.

“At the beginning, the boys were very aggressive in the rucks and got the ball,” he said. “That’s important because if you have the ball, you can win.

“They started to lose momentum in the second half, and Crocus came back with a few good runs that we didn’t tackle properly.”

Van der Walt hoped they would be able to continue to play a full 15 on the field and keep their momentum up.

“If we could have played the whole game the way we played the first half, the whole game would have had a different result.

“Psychologically, we need to focus on the game and not on all the other things happening around the field.

“On the field, we need to continue to improve our tackling,” continued van der Walt.

The single try was scored by Josh Steen, with John Taylor adding the convert.

“I have to acknowledge both teams for their strong effort in working together,” concluded van der Walt.

“I also want to honour the other coaches: Hugh and Suzanne Borland, Devin Toderash, Libby Nice, and Chelsea Cook.”


Both teams travelled to Minnedosa yesterday (May 1) to take on the Chancellors. Results were not available at press time. See next week’s paper for full coverage of the games.

The teams will be headed to Brandon on May 8 to challenge the Vincent Massey Vikings.

Jessica Bergen