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Kindergarten sets foundation


A good education requires a good foundation, and participation in Kindergarten can build a strong foundation for ongoing success in school.

Parents are invited by the SVSD to kickstart their child’s education by registering their appropriately-aged child for Kindergarten.

Children who are five years old before Dec. 31 can register for Senior Kindergarten, which is a full-day, Monday to Friday program in all schools. The Junior Kindergarten program is no longer offered in the SVSD for the 2017-18 year, but is still available at CBF Christian School (CBFCS).

“In our school, Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes are taught together,” said CBFCS Principal Jocelyn Beehler. “Our Junior Kindergarten class is going to be taught on its own next year, with full day classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There may also be Monday and Wednesday classes if there is enough interest.”

Both CBFCS and SVSD schools incorporate play-based learning to teach the developing minds of the students.

“We find it is very important to attend Kindergarten consistently and regularly,” said SVSD Student Services Coordinator Deborah Burnside, stressing how much it makes a difference in a child’s education when they begin strong.

Burnside added that parents have an important role to lead children into the school atmosphere.

“Parents need to have a positive attitude about their child starting school, teaching them that they ought not be afraid to go to school, that it’s exciting, fun, and you make friends,” she said.

“As well, expose them to all kinds of materials, whether it be print, drawing, language, and reading, not to mention just loving them and taking time for them.”

In order to allow better access to early learning opportunities, bussing students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 at CBFCS is available at no charge, provided that they live on an existing bus route. Bussing is also available for Junior Kindergarten students for $400 a year, or approximately $5 per day.

To register students for Kindergarten, or for more information, visit your nearest elementary school or school of choice. More information is also available on the schools’ respective main websites, at svsd.ca and cbfchristianschool.ca.

Jeremy Bergen