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SVSD looks at options for SVRSS


The Swan Valley School Division (SVSD) board of trustees held their regularly scheduled meeting Monday evening (March 13). In attendance were Chair Kelli Riehl, Vice-Chair Laurie Evans, Trustees Donna Burghart, Sharla Haluschak, Kathy Highmoor, Vivian Rooks, William Schaffer, Brett Stephen and Gary Wowchuk.

Also in attendance were SVSD Secretary-Treasurer Brent Rausch, Superintendent Tim Mendel, Coordinator of Student Services Deborah Burnside, and Maintenance Supervisor Chris Staniland.

The board has decided to move forward with improvements to the exterior walls of the SVRSS, and have hired Peter Samson Architecture Studio (PSAS) to design the project.

“We received the funding announcement for this project to go ahead,” said PSAS architect Andrew Lewthwaite, adding that given final approval from governing boards, the project would be ready for tender by the end of the week.

“Right now is a good time to tender, as there aren’t a lot of provincial projects out there (at this moment).”

The envelope upgrade would include a cleaning of the exterior stone wall, a replacement of the metal cladding with a potentially different colour, and the installation of windows on the north-east corner on the gymnasium.

Funding for the project is being covered 50/50, for the most part, between provincial grants and capital reserve funds from the school division, with some elements being funded completely by the division if they are included in the project. Portions of the SVSD’s contribution have been budgeted to be funded by long term debt.

budget approval

The board formally approved the budget for the 2017/18 school year, with no further discussion. The motion read as follows:

“That the report of the Secretary-Treasurer on the 2017/18 budget be received, and the 2017 special levy be established at $7,521,239, 14.04 mills, and the 2017/18 budget as presented be approved.”

staffing changes

In the report provided to the board by Mendel, Jennifer Leadbeater was officially hired on as Vice-Principal of the ESRSS, effective Sept. 5. Her new position left the Bowsman School Principal position vacant, and deadline for applications was scheduled to close on March 20.

Kelsey Dahl was also transferred from Taylor School to the ESRSS for a 1.0 FTE Basic French Teacher position, effective Sept. 5.

Two resignations came to the table, one from ESRSS teacher Kyle Raby, effective June 30, and also one from SVRSS French teacher Meredith McGuinnes, effective June 30.

Finally, a retirement came up in the maintenance department from Doug Alford, whose last day will be July 31.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Mr. Alford,” said Staniland. “He will be greatly missed in the department.”

Next Meeting

The Swan Valley School Division will hold its next regularly scheduled meeting on April 10 at 7:30 p.m..

Jeremy Bergen