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One Year in the Newspaper Business...


So it’s been one year since I switched from the front desk/proof-reader position to the editorial department as reporter/photographer. Now I still get to do all of the jobs in the office, as a jack-of-all-trades, but because I spend more of my time in the editorial department, I get to chase stories, investigate news tips and be involved in a variety of community events. It’s been a year of many changes, and a lot of learning because this job is different than what I went to school for (I am a certified teacher), but it has been very rewarding and I have enjoyed learning new things.

I have learned about the job: - We work on a week-to-week basis. There isn’t a lot of time for being slow, or taking your time with a story, because we have a weekly deadline and if the paper isn’t full….the boss lady isn’t happy. I suppose the boss man isn’t happy either. - We investigate the news. We don’t just write anything that comes our way. We really dig in and ask questions to find out the truth and make sure that what we are publishing is factual so our readers are informed. - We care about our community. We try to include a variety of stories, photos and community events in our paper each week, so we can appeal to the most amount of people. We want our community to feel connected to what is going on, and we attend a number of events throughout the week so we can sum up and report on what’s going on in our corner of the Earth.

I have learned about our community: - We are resilient. Pretty major changes can come our way, and we always band together to work through it and become stronger because of it. - We take pride in who we are. There are always people who work to build our community up and the citizens of our Valley are proud of the things happening here and the people around them. - We have a lot to offer. I admit, I did not realize just how many things there are for people to become involved in. I typically stick to my few tried-and-true activities, but there are so many things to do!

I have learned about myself: - I enjoy talking with new people and discovering what stories they have to share, whether it’s an upcoming or current event, a glimpse into their past or how they’re moving forward in their field. - I am pretty good at managing my time. Danielle says she can’t find enough things for me to do, but the things I do have to do, I keep on top of and make sure I’m doing my part to get the work done for the deadline. - I like my job. I didn’t know how much I would like this job when I came into it. I knew I liked writing and taking photos, but I wasn’t sure how I’d like the big change from teaching – but I’ve learned that I really enjoy the weekly challenges and I look forward to seeing how these skills will help me going forward with whatever I choose to do.

Jessica Bergen