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Shop local as they say


We hear it over and over – shop local and support small businesses. But, what does this really mean and why should we bother?
Small businesses employ 77 percent of the workforce and are the fastest-growing business sector in our province. Manitoba is the home to over 120,000 small businesses, many of which are located rurally.
A small business is classified as having fewer than 100 employees and these make up for a shocking 98 percent of Canada’s businesses. This means that it’s nearly impossible not to support small business at some point.
Small business is the backbone of the economy and there’s a good chance they work hard to meet your daily needs. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of an entrepreneur in communities such as ours because, without them, we would have almost no local business. They also employ a large amount of our Valley’s workforce.
So why is it that we often see so many of them closing up shop after just a few years in business?
You hear the complaints – they can be more expensive or don’t have the selection and the list goes on – but, while I encourage those businesses suffering for those reasons to re-evaluate, everybody wins when small business is valued and frequented.
Small businesses create rich, diverse and enticing Main Streets that are fun to stroll down. They entice visitors to see what our community has to offer and aid in tourism.
Small business owners also have the passion and customer focus that big businesses can’t compete with. It shines through in a customer experience second to none as they make real, personal connections with you. They also provide thoughtful advice and recommendations based on your specific needs.
Your business matters, and that business owner is going to go the extra mile to make sure you know it. Not only because they want to do a great job, but also because they know that if they do well for you, you’ll tell other people.
And, don’t forget, when you buy from local businesses, you stimulate the local economy and put more money back into your own pocket. More local sales mean more local taxes, which support your local schools, parks, roads, fire departments, police, and other town services. In fact, for every $100 that is spent at a small business approximately $45 stays locally.
Let’s give our small business owners a round of applause as we celebrate Small Business Week. And remember, your choices matter. Choose small. I promise you won’t be disappointed.