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Go Hug a teacher today


It’s that time again... back to school... and I don’t think I’m the only one who is sighing, at least a little, with relief. I know there are others out there that fully agree and I salute you!
Also in agreement with me is Dana Blizzard, a comedian and mom of three in the USA, who has gone viral with her latest post on back to school supplies. She is tired of hearing parents complain about the price of school supplies requested by teachers and she went on a shopping trip to Target to make her point.
In the video, Blizzard hilariously pays tribute to the hard working teachers by offering to buy them anything they might want – microwaves, luggage, candles, pillows, rugs and even Tide detergent – in appreciation for teaching her children things that she doesn’t know and for dealing with them day in and day out.
She tells parents to stop complaining, go get their supplies and go and give your child’s teacher a big hug on the first day of school.
But, like everything ever found on the internet, Blizzard has been getting a lot of negative comments posted, mentioning she must be a poor mother and questioning why she even had kids at all if she was so happy to send them away. I think these people might be missing a few points and the true message behind the video. They get too wrapped up in the presentation of the message and forget that the woman is clearly going to the extremes in her examples to get laughs.
Honestly, I completely agree with Blizzard’s message and laughed at her delivery. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids as much as the next dedicated mom, but feeling joy that they are going to be someone else’s problem between 9 a.m. and 3:40 p.m. for the next 10 months is something that I am not ashamed to embrace. Additionally, I have much gratitude for the men and women of the world who willingly walk into a classroom full of chaos day in and day out with a smile on their face – not something that I could do.
So for all those who were judging Blizzard, there’s a few things to be considered. Personally, I don’t believe that a mother’s love is determined by how much time she spends with her children but by the quality of that time. It’s what she teaches her children, the lessons she instills and the warmth and affection she provides when she is with them that shows children their worth and their value in a mother’s life.
We all have different tolerance levels and how much time we can spend with others is just one of those. It doesn’t mean that a stay-at-home mom loves her children more than a mother who chooses to work instead, even if she could afford to stay home. It means that the second mother acknowledges that she is a better parent because of her time away from her children during the day and I applaud that.
So, parents of the Valley, this school year, let’s be grateful for the wonderful people in our division that put so much effort into the wellbeing of our offspring and let’s all ‘hug a teacher’ by showing them our appreciation.