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Graduation and turning 150


Graduation at the SVRSS has come and gone and while those students are now embarking on a new journey in life, there is a whole new crop of Valley youth that will enter the school as students this fall. To those, I have a few words of advice.
Remember when you would walk down the halls of the ESRSS and you knew you had hit a growth spurt when you could finally jump high enough to touch the ceiling? Don’t try this at the SVRSS, there’s no way you will ever be that tall. Also, the walls upstairs hurt when you scrape against them.
And, while we’re talking about the upstairs of the SVRSS, it’s very easy to lose all sense of direction up there and end up going down the entirely wrong set of stairs. Don’t stress, eventually you just might get it right... maybe.
But, in all seriousness, this is your time to discover your future and to shine. So, take advantage of it and try something new. Leave your comfort zone and take a cooking class, try your hand at mechanics or step into the business classroom. Do something that you’re not sure you like because it just may turn into something you love.
It’s very rare in life we are given such an opportunity to try so many different fields of study out. Switching career paths that much is generally frowned upon as you get to adulthood so now is your chance. Please realize that many other youth don’t have the options that we have freely available at the SVRSS and make every minute of these next four years f your life count.
Are you a true Canadian?
What exactly does it mean to be Canadian these days? Do you have to be multi-cultural? Do you have to love Tim Hortons and hockey?
Many of us define ourselves by what we are not – our neighbours to the south. But, how many of us can define Canadians by what we are.
Sure there’s the stereotype of overly friendly, cold loving, igloo dwelling northerners but we all know that falls far from the truth. But, perhaps the fact that we can’t be easily defined and put into one easily labelled box is really what makes us Canadian.
Canada is perhaps one of the few countries in the world where welcoming refugees is regarded as patriotic. Our population proudly speaks more than 200 languages and is among the most culturally diverse countries in the world.
I feel that what it means to be Canadian is not who your are, what language you speak, what country you came from or even what partner in life you choose but to accept and even embrace the differences of others and work together to create the safest and healthiest environment for the next generation to grow up in.
We all have similarities, we all have differences but, we are all Canadian.