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The Valentine's Day 'holiday'


As most of you are aware, today is Valentine’s Day. If you’re not aware and you are reading this before 8 p.m. it’s best you hurry down to the Co-op and find some flowers or chocolates for that special person in your life before you find yourself sleeping on the couch tonight. Otherwise, I’m guessing that a majority of you are finally getting around to reading this on Wednesday because your Tuesday routine was thrown off because of this ‘holiday’.
I refer to it as a ‘holiday’ because no one is actually getting a holiday out of it. Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the like it’s simply a day to appreciate that special someone in your life. You could argue that we should be celebrating these special relationships every day but the reality is that our lifestyles just don’t really make that convenient.
Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of the day. I am a woman and I do have emotions so I obviously appreciate the odd romantic gesture. But, unlike some of my female counterparts, I do not expect that whole Valentine’s Day show that most men feel pressured to put on. I’m sure this is to my husband’s great relief.
So, if I had to choose my ideal Valentine’s Day it would be the following. Since it’s on a Tuesday this year, I would come directly home from work because someone else would have picked the children up from school and day care and would be waiting at home for my arrival. Supper would be prepared for me – nothing fancy – and afterwards the dishes would get done. The kids would get bathed, laundry would be washed, folded and put away and all the while I would be free to enjoy the evening with a good book or even some much elusive time in front of the television.
No expense and no showers of flowers, candy and affection – just simple, everyday life responsibilities taken over for a day. I’m sure many of the women reading this right now can relate and I’ve lost them in some sort of dream land where this exists.
Unfortunately, this isn’t really viable in our family situation, with work schedules and other obligations, and I know that both myself and my husband always find ourselves feeling the typical pressure to come home with a gift to share with the other – I know I did anyway.
On a similar topic, I got an email last week that, while not meaning to be humorous, did give me a little laugh. It was entitled Plan an Eco-Sexy Valentines Day – Show Your Date and the Planet a Little TLC. While it was essentially one big advertisement for various activities in the Toronto, Ont. area it suggested doing such things as cooking a romantic, locally sourced dinner – something a bit hard for us to do in Manitoba in February – and planting an indoor garden – as a non-gardener, not my idea of a fun thing to do with my partner. And, while I could handle their suggestion of making your own chocolates, like everything, they taste so much better when someone else makes them! DGB