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    Jeremy Bergen

    I am excited to be a part of the team at the Star & Times. I grew up on a farm around Winnipegosis, moved across the province to go to study theatre and media for four years, and married a farmer's daughter from the Valley. Having lived in Manitoba's two biggest cities for four years, my wife and I are eager to once again live in a small community that has become my second hometown. I have wanted to be a professional writer for almost as long as I've known how to read and loved taking pictures for nearly the same amount of time. I believe that stories are a cornerstone of culture. Telling these stories and preserving them are an important step in preserving the values of a community. I am glad I can use my gifts and passions to serve the community in this way. My wish is that I can capture the stories around me and preserve them so that the events of today can become the memories of tomorrow. I look forward to learning how to serve you as a journalist and representing in my words and pictures what the people in the community care about. I can?t wait to meet you and become a familiar face in the Valley.


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